Liatris Spicata

(Blazing Star) Purple/lilac fluffy flowers. like a feather duster with corm like root-stocks and tufts of foliage.  Flowers July to September.  Height 90cm..


Catananche ‘Caerulea’

Many brilliant blue flowers above interesting low silver green foliage.  Flowers June to August.  Height 16 inches.

Catananche 'Caerulea' | Perennials

Delphinium hybridum ‘Magic Fountains Mixed’

An excellent mix, some pure colours, some with white bees.  Approximately 7 colours available.  Flowers during the summer.  Height 75 to 90cm.

Delphinium  | Perennials

Hemerocallis  (Daylily)  ‘Pink Damask’

Beautiful, colourful flowers which are easy to grow. As the name suggests the flowers last for one day only, but every cluster has several buds which open in succession. Daylilies look spectacular in an island bed in a selection of contrasting colours. 


Lobelia ‘Tupa’

Large felted light grey-green leaves and impressive flower spikes covered in hooked red flowers.  Height up to 2m.  Flowers August to October. 

LobeliaTupa | Perennials

Doronicum  ‘Little Leo’

Among the earliest of spring flowers. Easy to grow Leopard’s bane enjoys either sun or shade and makes an eye-catching and long lasting display of cheerful yellow in a mixed border or island bed. Flowers from April

DORONICUM | Perennials

Knautia arvensis

A wild flower that is lovely to look at and attracts bees with its pin cushioned spikes.  Flowers from mid summer until the early autumn. Height to 150cm.

Knautia arvensis | Perennials

Dianthus deltoides ‘Flashing Light

Creates a mass of flowers from the Spring onwards over a sward of tiny close knit evergreen leaves. Wonderful ground cover plant. Very hardy and quite quick growing.

Dianthus deltoides 'Flashing Light | Perennials