Trees & Shrubs

Photinia ‘Red Robin’

If you don’t have the acid soil conditions for a Pieris this species is an excellent substitute. The hardy shrub becomes a mass of rich copper red shoots as the young leaves unfurl, maturing into dark green leaves as the season progresses. Plant in a sheltered but sunny position.

Escallonia ‘Pride of Donard’

These are slightly tender shrubs although they grow well in Southern regions. They can be pruned into informal hedging if required. Escallonia prefers a sunny site on a South facing wall. Bearing clusters of small tubular flowers between late spring and the autumn. They thrive in any well drained soil.

Lavatera Olbia ‘Barnsley’

With its holly-hock like flowers the tree mallow is an old fashioned cottage garden type shrub. From early summer they produce a succession of pink flowers. Lavatera is only moderately hardy and short lived but thrives in any well drained soil and flourishes in alkaline soils.
Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’

Witch Hazel. Usually bearing yellow flowers, ‘Diane’ is one of the best Hamamelis for deep-red flowers. These flowers are scented, long-petaled and have a slightly crumpled appearance. The foliage also has rich red and orange autumn tints.


Spirea ‘Bridal Wreath’

Spireas are hardy and easily grown and popular for their wealth of star shaped flowers borne in wide heads or sprays from early spring. They revel in open and sunny positions. Dead head after flowering. The best flowers will be grown on the hardest pruned shrubs.


Betula utilis Jacquemontii

Attractive bright white bark, which turns yellow in Autumn, with yellow brown catkins in Spring. An elegant tree for all gardens large or small. Can be grown as a specimen or in a group.


Heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica)

N. domestica is a small evergreen shrub with an upright ‘bamboo-like’ form; purplish leaves in spring and winter; and small, white flowers in large panicles followed by red berries.


LIQUIDAMBER styraciflua — ‘Moraine’

A superb shade, lawn or park tree. It grows into an upright-oval with medium branch structure and excellent glossy foliage with brilliant red colour in fall and well into winter. Proven to be the most cold hardy form.


Magnolia stellata

One of the smallest Magnolias and one of the most popular, growing very slowly reaching a height of up to 1.5 metres in ten years. Frost can damage the grey furry buds and open flowers if they are exposed to morning sunshine. A position with early shade and sun later in the day is best. The beautiful flowers, pure white and lightly scented, open very early and before the leaves, eventually covering a mature shrub for several weeks.


Ginkgo biloba Maidenhair tree

This deciduous conifer is one of the best known examples of a living fossil, remaining unchanged for millions of years. It is grown for its attractive shape and the curious fan-shaped leaves which turn yellow in autumn. Female trees produce small plum-like fruits with rancid flesh, though the kernels are edible.