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We were fortunate to be able to purchase in June 2005, Monksfield House. The plot is located in an un-spoilt rural part of Suffolk and has the benefit of a large Meadow and small Woodland Copse totaling almost 2 acres.  Our Landscape design for the plot carefully maintained the areas where wild orchids grow. The plan below can be compared with the Google earth Image before any work was carried out.  The Meadow and Woodland area can clearly be seen both on the plan and the Google Earth image.

The following links show the development of the Garden each year, simply click on any of the links to view that year.








The start of 2011. The weather has been bad for some months, turning cold from late October 2010 and without much let up, heavy snow has again damaged or killed many of the plants in the Garden. The final cut down is behind schedule as it is too wet to get onto the borders, as […]


The woodland plants seem to grow most of all, with geraniums, foxgloves, bluebells, hellebores, tiarellas and cowslips all in flower. The candelabra primula looks the best it has ever done.


2013 was a busy year for us and the Garden sadly took a back seat to our other duties. Only one notable event during the year ! Yes its an otter and one night in June,the whole family took a swim in the pond and ate all but 2 of the smallest fish. The pond […]


2014 began badly in the Garden and our increased workload meant that we had little time to spend there for most of the year. That is apart from one alteration. We do, it’s a water vole, wonderful to watch it swimming across the pond. Sadly, this little chap decided to nest by the side of the […]


Another year begins, and this year we hope to keep more up to date with the changes in the garden ! As the garden matures we will add more photos as the seasons pass to keep you up to date. Comparing the first photos in 2005 with today’s, already proves how quickly you can create […]